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Red Cars

I was once stumped by the following question: How many red cars did you see today? More than likely I had seen several, but I had no recollection of how many. I was not being aware of the red cars around me.

Of course, the number of red cars that I saw - or did not see - was not of particular importance. But it illustrated an important point. How aware am I of Godís presence in my life? Although I have come to appreciate that God is constantly working amazing things in and through my life, I am typically oblivious to them. Nevertheless, I am trying to be more aware.

And as I become more aware of the threads that God is weaving in my life, the more I realize that He uses all things for good. Although I cannot see the entire tapestry of my life, I have recognized a few of its threads. What I see utterly amazes me. The more I ponder this tapestry, the more I realize that in Godís Providence there are no mere coincidences.

How many red cars have you seen today?

Experiment you can do at home: Turn on all your TVs, radios, fans, anything that makes noise. Have your kids, spouse, or friend stand at the other end of the house. Make sure that they are out of your sight. In a normal voice, say something (for example, "Come here"). Wait for a response. One-by-one, turn off the TV, radio, etc. Repeat the experiment until you are heard.



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Last Updated Monday October 31, 2005