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Hoernersburg Lego Castle Cross-Section


Lego® Castle and Great Hall
- Tour Stop 1 -

Hoernersburg Lego Castle Cross-Section
Cross-Section of
The Hoernersburg Lego Castle
(click picture for larger cross-section)

Caslte Countryside Topographical MapMap

Hoernersburg means "Hoerner’s Castle". The Lego castle is located on a small man-made island near the Rhine River in Germany.

Map of Lego Castle and TownCastle Moat

The moat gives the Lego castle extra protection. On the opposite side of the moat is the town of Legoland. A drawbridge connects the Outer Ward of the castle to the town. Later on, we'll tour the Outer Ward. But first, we'll tour the main castle.

Gatehouse MapCastle Drawbridge

Gatehouse and Drawbridge

Before entering the Lego castle, we must pass over the drawbridge and through the gatehouse. The gatehouse is a complex of towers, bridges, and barriers built to protect the castle’s entrance. The Castle Porter makes sure that no one enters or leaves the castle without permission.

Portcullis MapCastle Portcullis


The Portcullis, a strong, heavy grating, slides up and down vertical grooves in the Gatehouse. When danger threatens, the Portcullis is dropped at once and the drawbridge is quickly raised.

Inner Ward MapCastle Inner Ward

Inner Ward

After passing through the gatehouse, we enter the inner ward. This open area is at the center of the castle. The Inner Ward is surrounded by a wall called the Inner Curtain.

The Inner Ward of the Hoernersburg Lego castle is cramped, making it difficult for enemies to group. A winding staircase gives defenders the advantage. Since most people are right-handed, enemy soldiers storming up the staircase find it nearly impossible to wield their swords.

Forge MapCastle Forge


Nearby the Inner Ward, we find the Forge, Brewery, The Mews, and of course, the Great Hall. The Forge is a workshop where the Armourer manufactures and mends armor and weapons.

Brewery MapBrewery


Above the Forge, we find the Brewery. This is where beer and ale are made, often by an Ale-Wife. Brewing of beer and ale was traditionally the job of women. Another worker called an Ale Conner tests the purity of ale.

Mews MapThe Mews

The Mews

As we climb the stairs and approach the entrance of the Great Hall, we pass by The Mews. A mew is a cage or shed in which falcons are kept while molting, that is, while shedding feathers. The Falconer is in charge of training the falcons. He is a highly skilled expert responsible for the care and training of hawks for the sport of falconry. The Falconer trains the Baron’s falcons. Sometimes, the falcon is tied to a block of wood called a weathering block. This block is located outside so that the falcon can get used to bad weather.

Lego Castle's Great Hall

Great Hall

Now, we enter the Great Hall -- the largest room in the castle. This is where the Baron holds banquets and festivities. As we pass through the large doors, we great the Usher, who is the doorkeeper for the Great Hall.

Great Hall Balcony

Great Hall Gallery

Above the Great Hall is a balcony called the Gallery. From here, the Trumpeter blows his trumpet to announce the beginning of the feast. And what a feast it is.

Great Hall Feast

Menu for Tonight

Tonight, we will dine on: pastries, asparagus, roast gray partridge, whole calves’ heads, roosters and pigeons, wild boar, whole roast sheep with sour cherry sauce, a great variety of roast birds – turtledoves, pheasants, quail, figpeckers – accompanied by olives. We’ll eat roast suckling pig, roast peacock, quinces cooked with sugar, cinnamon, pine nuts, and artichokes. Various preserves, made with sugar and honey. And finally, ten different tortes, an abundance of candied spice, and a sugar sculpture – called a subtlety – in the shape of a giant chicken!

Great Hall High Table

High Table

The most important guests sit at the High Table with the Baron and Baroness.

Below the High Table, we find the Low Tables. This is where less-important guests eat. Since the Castle Cook uses no salt to season the food, diners help themselves to a boat-shaped salt-cellar. The salt-cellar is placed in front of the Baron, and is an indication of status. The Baron, his family and important guests sit "above the salt" at the high table, while less-valued diners sit "below the salt".

Great Hall Guests


The procession of food begins. Food is not served on plates. Instead, everyone has a trencher, which is a thick slice of stale bread, or they share one with their neighbor. Servants serve food onto the trencher, and diners pick up the food with their fingers, or with another piece of bread called a sop. Soups and stews are served in shallow silver-rimmed bowls called mazers. Since forks had not yet been invented, people manage with a knife and perhaps a spoon. Because there is a shortage of cutlery, and people have bad teeth, most castle food is mashed to a pulp in the castle kitchen.

When eating in the presence of the Baron and his wife, there are certain ways to behave: "Do not spit upon or over the table," "If you wash your mouth out while at the table, do not spit the water back into the bowl, but instead spit politely on the floor," "If you blow your nose, remember to clean your hand by wiping it on your clothes," "Don't wipe your teeth or eyes with the tablecloth," "If there is a man of God (such as a priest) at the table, take special care where you spit," "Do not pick your teeth at the table with a knife, straw, or stick," "Do not belch near anybody’s face if you have bad breath."

Entertainment in the Lego Castle Great Hall


During dinner, there is much entertainment. The Jester tells comical stories. Jugglers toss balls in the air until they almost touch the roof. Tumblers and Acrobats wrestle and roll. Minstrels sing and play instruments. And of course, Stilt-Walkers provide their own form of amusement.

Castle Buttery


Below the Great Hall, we find the Buttery. It is from here that wine and other beverages are served. Beverages are kept in bottles and butts, which are large barrels or casks. The Butler is in charge of the Buttery. Serving beverages is a complex affair and involves many people. Dispensers pour the wine and beverages into cups and goblets. Cupbearers carry the drinks from the Buttery to the Great Hall.

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

In the Wine Cellar, we meet the Cellarer. He is in charge of storing and looking after wine and other beverages. He also acts as a wine taster. The Tapster has the job of drawing wine and ale from the barrels.

Lego Castle Garrison Quarters

Garrison Quarters

Above the Great Hall are many more rooms. Let’s visit the Garrison Quarters, Armory, Guest Apartments, Steward’s Quarters, Hermit’s Cell and even climb up to the Watch Turret.

The Garrison is the body of soldiers who live in the castle and defend it. Here in the Garrison Quarters, we’ll find Archers, Pikemen, and other men-at-arms passing away their time.

Castle Armory


Next to the Garrison Quarters is the Armory. This is where weapons are stored in case of battle: longbows, crossbows, swords, and pole arms, such lances, halberds, and pikes,

Defensive Hoardings


On the outer walls of the Lego castle are Hoardings. These are wooden extensions that provide good defensive positions for the castle troops.

Gargoyles outside the Lego Castle


On the exterior of the Great Hall are gargoyles. These grotesque stone figures have the practical purpose of acting as rain gutters. But perhaps they’ll also serve to scare aware those who might have evil intentions toward the Baron.

Lego Castle Guest Apartments

Guest Apartments

Above the Garrison Quarters are the Guest’s Apartments. This is where guests visiting the castle stay. Look out! A robber seems to have found this room as well.

Steward's Chambers - Living Area

Steward's Chambers - Bedroom

Steward's Chambers

One floor up are the Steward’s Chambers. Next to the Baron, his quarters are the nicest. The Steward is responsible for taking care of the day-to-day affairs of the castle, such as finances and supplies. The Steward also supervises the household and events in the Great Hall. When the Lord and Lady are away, the Steward is in charge of the castle.

Hidden Treasure Trove in the Lego Castle

Treasure Trove

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll let you in on a secret. There is a trap door on the floor of the Steward’s Chambers that leads to a hidden treasure trove.

Hermit's Cell

Hermit's Cell

Near the top of the Lego castle is the Hermit’s Cell. This is where a religious person, called a Hermit, withdraws to spend most of his time in prayer and solitude. Shhh…don’t disturb someone in prayer!



On the roof of the castle is a Mangonel (or small catapult) used to hurl missiles through the air at river boots trying to evade paying tolls to the Baron.

Watch Turret on top the Lego Castle

Watch Turret

At the top of the Lego castle is the Watch Turret. Here, the Lookout is responsible to watch for approaching enemy soldiers. Don’t look down!

More Garrison Quarters

Lower Garrison Quarters

Now, let’s return to the Inner Ward. Beneath the Inner Ward and Great Hall, we’ll find even more rooms. These include additional Garrison Quarters, a Cesspit, the Undercroft, and an Apotheca.

Immediately below the Inner Ward are further Garrison Quarters. These men can quickly storm into the Inner Ward in case of attack. Looks like most of them are somewhere else.

Castle Garderobe


Here’s one using the Garderobe, also called a privy or lavatory. You’ll notice that his "droppings" fall down a Latrine Shaft. Many an enemy has tried to gain entry into the castle through this shaft only to encounter an unexpected – and undesired – surprise.

Lego Castle Cesspit

Latrine Shaft and Cesspit

The Latrine Shaft leads to a Cesspit. This is a small room in which the waste from one or more Garderobes is collected. The Cesspit is cleaned out on occasion by the Gong Farmer.



Below the castle is the Undercroft. This is a vaulted basement or cellar used for storage. The Storeman is in charge of making sure that things are properly stored.

Dumb Waiter

Dumb Waiter

Supplies from the Undercroft are hoisted up into the castle by a Dumb Waiter.



Down in the bowels of the castle is also found an Apotheca. This is a storeroom for valuable goods. It seems that another thief has entered the castle!

Booby Trap

Trap Door

Too bad for the thief -- this room is equipped with a ghostly scare and a trap door too!

Trap Landing

Trap Door Landing

You don’t really want to know where he landed face first. This Lego castle is full of surprises.


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