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Lego® Castle Keep
- Tour Stop 2 -

Hoernersburg Lego Castle Keep
The Hoernersburg Lego Castle Keep

Castle Keep

Keep Tower

The next stop on our tour is the Castle Keep. This mighty tower is the strongest part of the Lego castle. It is also where the Baron and his family live.

Inner Ward

Keep Entry

From the Inner Ward, we must pass through a strong entryway to gain access to the Keep.

Lego Castle Court

Castle Court

The first room we enter in the Keep is the Castle Court. This is where legal matters are heard, tithes and taxes are paid, and the daily business of the castle occurs. The Scribe keeps track of who pays their taxes. Here’s a vassal paying his taxes now.

Castle Chapel

Chapel of Christ the King

Now we’ll take a look at some of the rooms higher in the Keep. We’ll visit the Chapel, Tower Prison, Baliff’s Chambers, the Solar, the Great Chamber, and many more rooms.

This is the Chapel of Christ the King. The lord and lady began each day by attending a short service here. People pray not just in the chapel on Sundays, but also before they start any important task.

The Chapel is where Mass is celebrated by the Chaplain. The Chaplain is a priest who provides for the spiritual welfare of the Baron and his family, as well as for the laborers and Castle Garrison. He also supervisors the education of the Baron’s children.



Inside this Chapel there is a Reliquary. A Reliquary is a box or shrine that contains the relics of a Saint or some other holy item. On special Feast Days, this Reliquary is carried in procession through the Town.

Castle Arcisolium


Below the Chapel is an Arcosolium. A Saint is buried here. A Saint is someone who is officially recognized as having lived an exceptionally holy life and is a good example for the rest of us. His name is listed on a list called a canon – that’s why we say he is "canonized."

Chapel Exterior

Open to Heaven

The Chapel is traditionally the highest room in the castle, so that there’s nothing between the Chapel and Heaven. Sometimes, when that wasn’t possible, the builders jetted the chapel outwards from the castle so that nothing was between the Tabernacle and Heaven.

Chapel Sacristy


Just outside the Chapel is the Sacristy. This is where sacred vessels and vestments are stored.

More Castle Guards

Castle Guards

Further up, we find some more guards playing a game of cards. There are lots of guards in the Lego castle.

Lego Castle Tower Prison

Tower Prison

High in the Keep is the Tower Prison. This is where important enemy prisoners are kept until their families pay their ransom.

Captain of the Guard's Quarters

Captain of the Guard

Here are the quarters of the Captain of the Guard. This is his private room from where he makes plans to protect the castle.

Captain's Balcony

Captain's Balcony

The Captain of the Guard even has his own balcony.

Baliff's Chambers

Bailiff's Chamber

Now, we visit the Bailiff’s Chamber. The Bailiff is appointed by the Baron to collect rents and taxes. He also counts and stores the Baron’s treasure. He has one of the few rooms with glass windows. This is so his ink doesn’t freeze in winter.

Next to the Bailiff’s Chamber is the Castle Treasury. This is a locked room where tax revenues and other valuables are stored.

More hidden treasure

Hidden Treasure

The Bailiff even keeps some of the treasure hidden away, just in case there might be robbers lurking around.

Skywalk Between Keep and Great Hall


Between the skywalk and the Great Hall is a skywalk that can be raised in case the Great Hall is captured.

Lego Castle Solar


Upstairs we enter the Solar, which means "sun-room." This is where the Baron and his family spend most of their time. If you listen, you can hear the Baroness singing nearby.

Solar Study


Off to the side of the Solar is the Study. This is a room devoted to study and literary pursuits.

Baron's Balcony

Lord and Lady's Balcony

On the other side of the Solar is a Balcony. Sometimes the Lord and Lady come out here to enjoy the fresh air, and overlook their immense lands.

Baron's Wardrobe


Here is the wardrobe. This is where the Lord’s clothing is kept is locked chests. The Chamberlain is in charge of the Wardrobe. He also helps dress the Baron.

Pallet Room

Pallet Room

Next door is the Pallet Room, or Chamberlain’s Quarters. The Chamberlain is the lord’s personal servant. The Chamberlain protects the baron at night by sleeping nearby the Baron’s bed chamber.

Baron's Treasures

Baron's Hidden Treasure

Hidden away behind a secret panel, the Chamberlain also takes care to protect some of the Baron’s Treasures.

Lego Castle Great Chamber

Great Chamber

Finally, we reach the Great Chamber. This is the Lord and Lady’s bedroom. After his horses and armour, a Baron's bed is usually his most valuable possession. The bed frame is curtained with heavy drapes to protect them from freezing drafts in the winter. The Baron’s favorite falcon also sleeps here.

Lady's Garden

Lady's Garden

Next to the Great Chamber is the Lady’s Garden. This is where the Baroness relaxes by cultivating daylilies and other flowers.

Maid's Quarters

Maid's Quarters

Further up are the Maids Quarters. The Lady-in-Waiting and Maids assist the Lady. The Lady-in-Waiting is a companion of slightly lower rank than the Lady.

Baths were rarely taken because of the effort involved in heating the water and carrying it up so high in the Keep.

Castle Keep

Food Store

At the top of the Keep is the Food Store. This is where an additional supply of food is kept in case of a siege.

Alchemist's Laboratory

Alchemist's Laboratory

Let’s make our way downstairs. We’ll visit the Alchemist’s Laboratory, Castle Kitchen, Cellar and Dungeon. I might even let you in on a couple of secrets.

Here is the Alchemist’s Laboratory. He spends most of his time trying to turn ordinary metals, such as copper and lead, into gold. The Alchemist is a constant pain in the Baron’s side.

Lego Castle Kitchen

Castle Kitchen

Next we visit the Castle Kitchen. There is where food is prepared by the Chief Cook and his helpers. Scullions are junior servants who do most of the work. The Turnspit roasts meat by turning the spit in front of the kitchen’s fire.



Next to the kitchen is the Pantry. This is where bread and other foodstuffs are stored. The Pantler is in charge of the Pantry. The Pantry is also where food is arranged for serving.

Below the Pantry is the Spice Store. This is where valuable spices are kept under lock and key.



Further down in the Keep is the Cellar. This is where more food is stored. There you can see some herbs hanging from the ceiling in order to dry.

The Rat Catcher is always busy down here, trying to keep rats out of the food.

Castle Cistern


Water is one of the castle’s most valuable commodities. You can survive a long time without food, but not so with water. Some water comes from wells dug deep into the ground. Rainwater is another source – it is collected in Cisterns. Water from the Cistern flows down lead pipes and into the kitchen.

Lego Dungeon


In the deepest recesses of the Keep is the Dungeon. This is where the Jailer locks up prisoners. Prisoners are "usually" only kept here until their trial, at which point they are either set free, punished by fine, torture, or execution.

Now, I’ll let yet in on a couple of secrets…

Lego Dragon

Dragon's Lair

Prisoners in the dungeons often complain of sulpherous smells and loud roars. There is a rumor that a Dragon’s Lair is located through a hidden door right next to the dungeon.

Lego Dragon's Treasure

Stolen Treasure

The Dragon's Lair is where the Dragon supposedly keeps his stolen treasures. Of course, there aren’t really any dragons down here – people just image there are. At least I think so. So just in case, beware of the Lego dungeons and dragons!

Secret Passage

Hidden Passage

And remember that Alchemist? Well, he has a twin brother who is often sneaking through a hidden passage which leads from the Alchemist’s Laboratory to the Cellar. If only the Baron knew about his secret twin, many a misdeed would be explained.




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