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Hoernersburg Lego Castle
- Tour Movie -

"If you'd like to watch the Lego Movie,
make a selection below."

Lego Castle Movie

► Act 1: Castle (10:43 .wmv 7.54mb)

► Act 2: Keep (8:10 .wmv 5.98mb)

► Act 3: Outer Ward (6:11 .wmv 4.50mb)

► Act 4: Town (8:51 .wmv 6.47mb)

► Act 5: Churches & Monasteries (9:52 .wmv 5.54mb)

► Act 6: Bloopers (1:19 .wmv 0.53mb)




►Tour Home

►Tour Stop 1: Lego Castle & Great Hall

►Tour Stop 2: Castle Keep

►Tour Stop 3: Castle Outer Ward

►Tour Stop 4: Medieval Lego Town

►Tour Stop 5: Cathedral & Monastery

►Tour Stop 6: Lego Half-Timber Farm House and Barn

►Tour Stop 7: Lego Alpine Village Church


►Things that Matter

►Tale of the Hoernersburg: How the castle got its name

How to build a Lego Castle

►Watch the Lego Castle Tour Movie << you are here

►Let us know how you like our site

►Castles on the Web




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Last Updated Tuesday May 05, 2009